Working out is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. With many of us at home, you may need to find an alternative to the gym. You may want to start exercising again. Or you may want to start exercising for the first time. Well, thanks to the internet, your prayers have (possibly) been answered. Here are five online workout programs that are free for you to use. Well, they’re free at the time of writing anyway. Hopefully, they do not all of a sudden have a completely ‘paid’ membership….

Anyway, here goes:

1.       Sweaty Betty

Under their #GetFit4Free program, fitness fans can try out everything from yoga to ballet boot camp! There are a lot of workout videos available that can fit every fitness level and time frame!

2.       Zuzka Light

Located on the blog part of their website is a series of free videos. If you like the videos, users also have an option to sign up for their Zym program. This online feature will not only give you workout videos, but also meal plans and support!

** NOTE: More on meal plans in the near future **

3.       BeFit

Trying to look for a specific work out? BeFit is the perfect fitness resource for you. With hundreds of free videos on their YouTube page, you can feel like you’re at the gym while in the comfort of your own home.

4.       LiveStrong

This website has a series of health-based information. Located under their sports and fitness section, you can find a series of different fitness challenges. So, test one out, you’ll be glad you did!

5.       JessicaSmith

The fitness guru has hundreds of free YouTube workout videos. Her videos include everything from lower body workouts to strength training! Her website also includes fitness tips and a series of other fitness-related fun. All of which is guaranteed to inspire you to want to press play on a workout video!

If these programs are not suited to you, some quick research will find one that is. Good luck and stay active!!